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Zoom In Reach Out Photo Cards

Zoom In Reach Out Photo Cards

Photo Cards

Learn about photography and the world around you with a deck of 50 original cards.

Along with inspired imagery, each card explains a different technique plus tips, ideas and a map of where the photo was created.

Conscious Creativity

There is something magical about creating a photo that captures a unique moment in time where the image that comes out of the camera is greater than the individual parts of the scene as it appeared to the photographer's eye.

Learning to create photos like this comes with experience and a little luck, but also by training your creativity to see the world differently.

Zoom In Reach Out Photo Cards can help you learn these skills and more, all from a fun and casual deck of cards. To Get started, simply shuffle the deck and select one of 54 cards which will give you ideas, tips, and photography techniques.

Cards are divided into 6 categories:
Exposure, Composition, Perspective, Subject, Open Creative, and "IndividUography" which is a type of photography that emphasizes learning about yourself through your photos.


Exposure cards feature 10 lessons on how to work with all types of light and camera exposure settings to create unique looks and effects such as motion, backlight, long exposures, and night photography.

Zoom In Reach Out Photo Cards Exposure Category


From basic rules to advanced concepts, Composition cards feature 10 techniques on how to arrange the subjects in your photos for more compelling images.

Zoom In Reach Out Photo Cards Composition Category photo by Helen Warnod


One of the core philosophies of Zoom In Reach Out is learning to change your perspective to see the world differently. These 10 Perspective cards provide ideas for changing the way we see.

Zoom In Reach Out Photo Cards Perspective Category
Learn photography and learn about the world by exploring unique cultural and geographic points of interest from 16 countries.


Subject cards feature 10 suggestions of what to photograph. As you develop as a photographer, you may find yourself gravitating towards one or two types of subjects. These cards are a good way to figure out what you enjoy photographing.

Zoom In Reach Out Photo Cards Subject Category


A unique element of the Zoom In Reach Out curriculum is teaching how photography can be used to learn more about ourselves. These 10 IndividUography cards each contain a different assignment to connect with our own inner values and ideas.

Zoom In Reach Out Photo Cards IndividUography Category

Open Creative

The Photo Cards deck includes 4 "Open Creative" cards that provide ideas for something interesting to photograph.

Zoom In Reach Out Photo Cards Open Creative Category

Explore Further

You might notice that every card features a QR code which links to a gallery of photos and more in-depth information about each lesson.

In addition to this gallery of example photos We are currently in process of a beta of the Zoom In Reach Out Learn Photography app.

The app further explores the techniques introduced in the deck of cards with more photo examples, ideas to try, quizzes, and assignments.

Launching in early 2024, we will be linking to a beta page so you can try it out yourself.

Find out more about the Zoom In Reach Out Learn Photography App.