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About Zoom In Reach Out

Our Philosophy

In photography, perspective can be changed by simply zooming the lens in and out.

Whether zooming in to see the tiny details, or zooming out to a wide angle to see the big picture, the photographer learns to find the balance for the right image.

The Zoom In Reach Out program teaches the idea of perspective through photography, as well as introducing students to more subtle concepts in the way that our world view can also be changed when we learn to zoom in to discover more about ourselves, and then reach out to share that experience with others. This type of conscious creativity has many benefits both as an artistic expression, and in life.

We offer a variety of programs for individuals and home school students, up to the district level.

All together, Zoom In Reach Out teaches creativity, self awareness, and personal transformation through the lens and art of photography.

Jason Kravitz Creativity
Leslie Horacek Jason Kravitz

Who We Are

Leslie Horacek and Jason Kravitz believe that photography has the power to enliven the joyful creator in all of us and have spent the last 15 years promoting this philosophy as co-founders of Aminus3.com, a global photography community where serious photographers from around the world share an image a day from 100+ countries.

In parallel, both Leslie and Jason come from a corporate background in the Cybersecurity industry. They have two decades of experience working with IBM Security (formerly Internet Security Systems) and the X-Force Security Research group in the areas of product management and software engineering.

Leslie and Jason also share a life long passion for inner work, and are avid journalers and dreamers.

Their unique combination of technical, creative, and introspective abilities all come together in their work with Zoom In Reach Out.

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